This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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chineseFoodThis week, I’ve been mostly eating household favourites. While I love cooking and eating South-East Asian meals, returning to the relatively cold made me think of household favourites. Comfort food, warm food:

Coq au Mutarde, served with egg Tagliatelle and fresh cucumber salad.

A Singapore-esque King Fish Laksa (which turned a little Thai after adding too much Coriander), made only because the one we ate in Kuala Lumpur International was made for international customers, and severely lacked flavour as well as kick.

Grilled cured loin of pork, served with mushroom-infused rice (a household favourite for decades, quick and easy).

A Greek-style seared rack of lamb, served with saffron rice, Tzatziki and roasted pepper salad.

Seared breast of Duck, served with a Celeriac Remoulade and Pommes a la Savoyarde, followed by Pudim Flan (or a Caramello, as the Spanish know it).

I feel more hot pots, stews and soups are coming up next.

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