Hallelujah, Krutzitürken and Sakrament!

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stmichelWelcome back, everyone. You couldn’t hear me shout expletives when I discovered this site, and its siblings, hacked a few days ago. I was quiet in frustration and disbelief.

After several hours of work, all sites are up again, clean as far as I can tell, more secure than ever, and closely monitored. I am especially pleased that I managed to recover all (or most) articles and comments on this blog. Some funny characters such as German umlauts or typographic quotes are lost and may show through other funny characters – I am working on these, but rely on your good imagination to understand that Leberkn¶del probably means Leberknödel.

The hack redirected the site to a (seemingly Russian) malware site.

I do not understand the motivation behind the attack, and have not seen any damage caused on any computer visiting the site. However, as a general precaution, it’s always good to consider taking these steps:

  • Run a full system virus scan on your computer (may be an overnight job),
  • Change your passwords (and try not to make them all the same),
  • Clear your web browser’s cache (sometimes also called the browsing history).

While I do no know how the attack was possible, common sense, a close inspection and plenty of Google search gave a number of good suggestions. All feasible ones are now in place and should make this site safe from future attacks (and I will be more diligent with backups…).

Let’s hope for the best and move on.

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  2. I did hear some of the expletives and I wasn’t even home when he first detected the ‘break-in’!’m also glad the blog articles have been salvaged, as I’m one of the biggest fans of the blog and there are a lot of memories connected with the entries (imagine all the recipes being lost…. On the up, there is now a great new feature showing a different photograph on top of the site every time you visit it!

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