Fruit Soup, Reclaimed

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blueberriesA dish of a sweet fruit soup, served cold, is known as a Kaltschale in German. It would seem that there is no English word for this.

I researched something entirely different in my trusted and beloved Larousse Gastronomique (English edition), and by pure chance, the book opened at K for Kaltschale.

Hmm, methinks, how funny is that? I actually plan to make a dish similar to a Kaltschale this very evening. (An experiment, possibly for Christmas.)

It is always nice to discover German loan words in English are not limited to warfare, such as Blitzkrieg, Haubitze and Hinterland. Kaltschale, I rejoice, and read on. Oh-oh. Allow me to quote:

Kaltschale. A Russian dessert consists of a fresh fruit salad that has been macerated in wine and is covered with a puree of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry and redcurrants). […] The word kaltschale is German, and its literal meaning is ‘cold cup.’

Russian? Fruit salad? First, they must have stolen Kaltschale from the Germans, and then got it all wrong. And they don’t have a word for it either.

I reclaim Kaltschale as a German word and a German dish. My 1950s cooking book certainly confirms by providing a large number of different Kaltschale dishes. Whether it will be part of the Christmas menu remains to be decided though.

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