Space Hoppers, Life, the Universe, and All Else

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DSCF2191Watching a science program on the telly, I wonder what’s wrong with physicists. We’ve all heard of parallel universes, and some of you will have heard of hovering membranes in no less then ten dimensions of space, plus time. Others speak of time itself suddenly jumping into existence. Wobbling strings, and what-not’s, all trying to explain the ultimate root from which you and I, and the universe around us, grow.

I realize that I am no more than a couch physicist, but as one of those, I find the whole thing straight forward: a star collapses into a black hole. Sometimes, a very big star collapses into a large black hole. The combined nuclei now may take more space than a pin head, if the collapsed star happens to be big enough. Every now and then, this black hole is near enough, and big enough, another  cosmic corpus to suck it in. Once in a very rare while, this becomes a self-propelling ever-sucking, ever-growing black hole, with a core of infinite density where all the nuclei combine. This grows to ping-pong ball size, then a football, then become even as big as a Space Hopper! Just when the core size hits the magical Space Hopper threshold, the density in its own very core is big enough for the whole thing to explode. I’m sure you can imagine that this will make a pretty big bang. Once in a while and by pure chance, the dust settles and becomes a universe like ours, our galaxy, our planet, you and I.

Our universe will probably end as cosmic dust, to play no further role. The chances of being part of the extraordinarily unlikely circumstances leading to the big bang in the first place, let alone to you and me (as detailed in the W7 theory, see above), multiplied by the chances of being part of the same thing again, is a number tiny enough to defy even the most imaginative of minds. In other words, it won’t happen.

So, face it. We kind-of know where we come from (see above). We will never know anything about life our ancestors prior to the big bang. We also know that we will, in all probability, play no further role in the universe. This one, and all parallel ones.

So, face it. Enjoy life and make it as peaceful and long-lasting as possible.

Forget what lies an unimaginable time ahead, or in the past. Focus on the present, give or take a few million years if you like, and get on with business.

I am quite sympathetic to the urge to research, discover and explain, but there are limits. Some things are just they way they are, whatever these ways may be, and there is not even a need to invent a God to explain any of that. Just life with it.  I do, and I recommend you do, too.


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