This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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icecreamvanThis week, I’ve been mostly focussing on preparations and trials for the Christmas menu, which I chose not to reveal until the very day. I will say that it’s quite exciting though, given the large exclusion list of forbidden ingredients, and the inclusion of two vegetarians, one also with a lactose intolerance. I plan to rise to the occasion, of course.

What else did we eat?

Braised high rip of beef, served with tangy horseradish sauce and steamed potatoes, a classic back home.

A rack of sage pork with quince-glazed apples and potato fritters (plus starters and puddings close to those served at Christmas).

A quick savoury and satisfying fry-up from Chorizo, potatoes, kidney beans, peas and onion, served with a plain omelette (which conveniently used up some left-over egg yolks and whites).

Phó Duck (Vietnamese noodle soup with strips of duck breast), a meal that couldn’t wait, because we bought very beautiful new noodle soup bowls from a Japanese China store in Camden Lock Market.

A roasted chicken salad with roasted chicken, chicorée and Chinese cabbage, oranges, quail eggs, and a tangy orange vinaigrette. This was a quick meal because I admit to the purchase of a ready grilled chicken. When I was out for the weekly shopping, they looked so very nice and smelled even nicer, and I couldn’t resist. I shouldn’t have gone shopping just before lunchtime maybe, but it made a nice and simple meal.

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