A Butcher’s Report

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DSC_0187Here’s a follow-up on the earlier report of Salami making:

We have now sampled and enjoyed the first of the two pork salami made in early January. I declare it a victory with reservations: I used too much fat. The mix is too salty (as expected, due to an Oops! when preparing the mix). I also used a “salami spice mix” which came as part of a pack deal (which also included beef ‘middle’ intestines, curing salt and starter ferment) – this mix makes it taste like a box-standard salami. Boring.

All in all, however, it looks like a salami, feels like a salami and probably smells like a salami (a cold blocks my sense of smell right now), so on an overall verdict, we felt encouraged.

Thus enthused, we have now made four beef salami, two with a spicy paprika and chilli flavour, two with fennel. I also made three pieces of smoked belly of pork and two pieces of cured beef (topside), all of which are dangling from the box room ceiling right now.

We are now looking forward to February 15th (belly of pork), 20th (cured beef) and some time in mid March for the salami.


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