Bad Weather, Good Weather

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DSC_1335I’d really like to know what happened to our weather, or to be precise, what happened to the BBC’s weather forecast. Until not so long ago, the BBCs forecast would be inaccurate and unreliable, and even the current or imminent reports were often wrong. Some time over the last year or so, something changed. I find the forecast is much more accurate, even to the point of the hourly predictions of rain at 13:00, then sunny again from 15:00 onwards. There’s some understandable inaccuracy in those times, but by and large, they are spot on.

Maybe the weather learned to align with the BBC’s forecast, but I suspect something else changed. Somebody mentioned some while ago that the BBC’s contract with the Met Office was running out, and that the BBC might be shopping around for a different provider. According to the BBC’s weather web site, they still get their weather from the Met Office though.

If anyone knows what might have changed to improve the forecast, I’d be grateful for such information.


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