I’m a Free Man

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tracesI’m a free man!

As some of you know, I quit my studies of mathematics with the Open University. It was just too much. Work is pretty stressful and time-demanding these days, and has to be my priority. Spending every spare minute morning, evening and weekend studying rather than relaxing and re-charging my batteries turned out to be unhealthy on all accounts, so I pulled the emergency breaks and quit. T’is a shame, but since I study for my own pleasure, and find studying right now not a pleasure, I think I can justify the decision.

It certainly feels like I pulled the stopper out from somewhere else. Since quitting the course, I built a crafts table and my head is full with creative ideas in all forms: sculpture projects, painting and drawing projects, computer art projects, even fun programming projects. I even got some of my filing done, how’s that?

Seems like it was time to quit. All I need now is lots of more time to pursue all those interests. Too bad I can’t pull the emergency breaks and quit paid work, too.


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One thought on “I’m a Free Man

  1. Das Gute an der bezahlten Arbeit wird eh allgemein überschätzt, es ist ja nicht so, dass man sich ohne langweilen würde und vor der Glotze verblöden müsste. Schön, dass du eine vertretbare Lösung gefunden hast, den Stress zu reduzieren. Viel Spass.

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