This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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2010-06-12 2010-06-12 001 015Time is precious these days, and home cooking, out of necessity, had to be limited to quick meals, or none at all:

A delicious lentils hot pot with home-grown Cavolo Nero (Italian black cabbage)  – quickly made and very rewarding (with a distinct disadvantage that its high pulses content may have some undesirable side effects).

King Fish a la Grecque, served with Greek Salad and saffron rice, followed by Rhubarb crumble (with extra nutty crumbles) and freshly made vanilla custard. Very popular here.

Paella with lots of seafood (the quick version from the deep-frozen mix bag of seafood) and chorizo. No added meat, in the interest of time. Still nice, and always extra special when re-heated in a frying pan on the following day.

Seared breast of duck, served with tomato and micro greens salad and fresh sourdough bread – an unusual combination, but this is what I found in the fridge on that day. And on the worktop: Micro greens is the modern thing to say, but we grew tiny cress, mustard and similar seeds on a wet sheet of kitchen tissue for as long as I can remember.


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