This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSCF1501This week, I’ve been mostly eating left-overs in some shape or form, all turned into quick, simple and nice household favourite dishes, but nothing to shout about. For the record:

Chicken Fricassee, rice and lambs lettuce. The remarkable aspect of this dish is that the lettuce was our own. The chicken meat was a by-product from making a concentrated stock for a meal a couple of days earlier.

Pasta a Forno con Pesto. Again, use of leftovers, rich basil pesto on this occasion. This is a regular Bolognese sauce and pasta, topped with a generous amount of pesto, then topped with some Mozzarella cheese and melted under the grill until the cheese begins to show colour.  The pesto layer makes this pretty rich and pretty yummy.

A vegetable Moussaka, made from grilled aubergines, tomatoes, sliced potatoes, feta cheese, hazelnuts and spiced yogurt, served with the remainders of the sage-infused roasted pork shoulder made a week or so earlier. I had kept the meat in the cold fridge in vacuum bags, and re-heated it sous-vide. This worked out really well, as the meat remained juicy and moist.

And finally, we were invited out and ate at friends’: a lovely pear, rocket and watercress salad with Serrano ham, followed by lamb chops with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and Couscous, completed with a novel fig and mascarpone bread pudding based on a seasonal hot-cross bun. Also watched My Week with Marilyn – a nice movie. Nice and very watchable, but also nothing to shout about.

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