Your Numbers, Front And Back

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DSCF8635Here’s a real-life surprise observation from the land of the superlatives:

When I stepped out of my car two nights ago, I noticed I have no front number plate! The rear number plate, which also contains the tax disc (or some other official sticker) is still there, but I was worried that I’d get a ticket over night, as the police sometimes drives around in the hotel car park.

No ticket in the morning, so I make my way to work, planning to phone the car rental company and seek advise. On my short way in (it’s only a few minutes in clear traffic), I counted no less than seven cars without front number plates, driving into the opposite direction! And these were only those that I saw, and only within those 10 minutes, on a short stretch of Hamilton Avenue.

Hmmm, methinks, this doesn’t seem to be a very severe offense.

I’ve given up counting now, but have seen many more cars with backside numbers only.

When I checked with a colleague before phoning the car rental company, he confirmed that many people couldn’t be bothered, and that he knows of nobody who ever got a ticket because of it. I just left it at that then.

I find this very surprising though. Most people around here appear to be observing signs and directions slavishly, but red traffic lights or front number plates seem to be an exception and do not seem to apply to everyone.


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