This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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20120513_202810This week, I’ve been mostly eating the little meals:

A lovely one-egg omelette with a filling of goats cheese, tomato and fennel shavings.

Salt-pepper-and-celery baby squid with a green salsa made from lime juice, capers and fresh mint, served with a poached egg. (Sounds weird but is very nice indeed.)

Fresh asparagus and a little pancake. Green asparagus, as we can’t find white one in Britain. Too bad, for this meal, white asparagus would certainly have been the better choice.

A quick chicken, roasted “Catalonian style,” that is, roasted on top of a simple yet fairly hot ratatouille made with tomatoes, chilly, green peppers, and chorizo, all served with Elfe potatoes.


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