Games Security

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2010-12-27 019The Home Secretary Theresa May assures us that the Olympic games’ security will not be compromised by bringing in approximately 17,000 army staff to help out – why, I wonder, would the security be compromised, if you’d bring in the government’s very own experts in keeping people and country safe? This is by far the best use of the army this country has seen in a long time!

I can only hope that G4S, the company awarded the contract for Olympic security and paid £300 million for the pleasure, will compensate the taxpayer for services agreed but not provided. They have now said that they couldn’t train enough staff in time. Up to three weeks before the opening, they thought they could. Honestly. If they think they can hire someone as late as three weeks before the games, vetted and trained to the standards required in time, G4S might be the biggest security risk on site.


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