Olympic Spirit

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DSC_0409There’s a lot of Olympic spirit around in London these days. Trouble is, it is not the good Olympic spirit: Traffic will be a nightmare, the Olympic lane regulations are unclear, public transport will be at the brink of collapse. The weather is likely to frustrate, the security is in shambles, the general cost of the whole affair is high. Tickets are hard to come by and too expensive. The logo and mascot are an embarrassment. The games are too commercial, the beach volleyball ladies may not be playing in bikini due to low temperatures, and this, and that, and more.

The list of advance complains is almost endless. Not all without reason, but it can’t be helped now, can it? We’ve got them, like it or not, and any arrangements which might have been done better or different are what they are. I’d love to see the good British spirit arising from the pit of doom before the games.

We’ve been watching reports about runner Usain Bolt, cyclist Victoria Pendleton and highlights of many of the past modern Olympic games. To me, these are stimulating programmes. I don’t usually follow sports at all, but I certainly look forward to see how Usain and Victoria perform, and will enjoy watching many of the Olympic disciplines which don’t normally get a great deal of press coverage.

I, for one, look forward to the games. I hope so do you.


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  2. That’s the spirit – I agree that we should leave the doom and gloom behind and enjoy for once what we (after all) pay for with our taxes. But it strikes me as funny that it takes a German to conjure up the British spirit….

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