Tea Minus Fourteen

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DSC_0662It’s just under fourteen hours to the opening of the 2012 London Olympics at the time of this writing.

I didn’t care much about the torch relay until it came through our little Broadway, passing along the stores offering used washing machines, second hand furniture and cars. There had been a lot more people out that I expected; the street was actually lined with people several rows deep. The fine weather and the convenient 18:00 hour also helped of course, but the whole thing sparked some sense of hope with me.

Hope that the Olympic Spirit is finally out of the bottle and Londoners are ignited with a positive momentum.

At 8:12 today, bells will be rung all across the country for the three minute All The Bells piece conceived by Martin Creed, including Big Ben, the famous 13.5 tonne bell.

The show begins at 21:00 tonight. I find it all pretty exciting. T minus 14, 13, …


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