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DSC_1039Are you watching the BBC’s Exploring China series? I am a late starter and begun watching with episode 3 of 4. Thanks to iPlayer, I could catch up with the first two, and I thoroughly recommend that you watch it while it is still on iPlayer (or when it comes around the next time).

Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang may not provide Pulitzer price qualifying commentary, but the food is convincing, most is appetizing, and the whole thing is a feast for the eye. They cover Beijing and surroundings (episode 1), the famous Sichuan provide (2), the jungle of Yunnan in the south west and Kashgar not far from the border to Afghanistan and Tajikistan (3), Guangzhou, Taiwan and Hong Kong (4).

In the true style of cooking programmes about real Chinese cooking, they tend to start with a live chicken or a visit to the livestock market to select the best lamb, and then all the way to the mouth. Maybe it’s nothing for the screamish, especially since they also delight in showing-off some of the more peculiar food items such as centipedes or deep-fried rabbit heads. They surely show some dishes that I do not want to try, but general atmosphere, technique and most foods shown are a pleasure to watch.

(Todays photo shows Vietnamese street food. It’s not Chinese, but looked just as mysterious and made us both curious and hesitant. We did not sample it.)


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  2. I had the opportunity to visit Beijing last year. I discovered that local food in particular was very different from the Chinese dishes that I have come to know. Other exotic food like scorpions and snakes on the skewer served the eyes some wild moments but let the tummy hungry! :-)

    • I haven’t been to China (yet), but I believe your statement is true for almost any regional cuisine. It always tastes different, even if the restaurant is well within a community. I’d be sure that the Bangladeshi restaurants’ food in Brick Lane taste different from the real thing in Bangladesh, for example. Even the genuine Sicilian chef down the road can’t make a meal that tastes like on Sicily.

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