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DSC_0344Not from choice but for a lack of viable options, we flew to Croatia with Easyjet, and marveled at the numerous chargeable options. In-person check-in? Hold baggage? Priority check-in?

We think there’s no end to expansions to this scheme.

Priority disembarkment?
Experienced pilot option?
A fee to have your baggage returned to you?

The BBC’s funny Come Fly With Me comedy program already showed a superb parody of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, where he explains the life saving kit, and demonstrates its easy-to-use credit card reader and touch screen to the purchase of additional options. Life vest? Air top-up option? Whistle?

It seems that reality has beaten us. On our return flight from Dubrovnik, the cabin crew announced that Easyjet will soon be introducing an exciting new feature: allocated seating. While they didn’t give away details, I am sure seats in rows closer to the exits will be more expensive than those further away. A premium will be chargeable for window seating. Seat allocation at the time of booking will be at a premium for sure.

I do normally applaud creative business ideas, but the aggressive manners of the so-called low-cost carriers make me wince and avoid them whenever I can.

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