This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSC_0226This week, I’ve been mostly eating a variety of things:

Another Tarte Flambee experiment. I still can’t get myself to rolling out the base, but somehow I can’t get them to bake nicely even at 270C. The current working theory is that the double-floored trays are to blame, since they simply don’t get the full heat into the centre of the tray. I’ll try again some time soon.

Roast of leg of pork, roasted over spiced apples, served with sage butter fettuccine. Apples were spiced with Star Anise, cinnamon, pepper, prickly pear juice, and a pint of cider.

Posh bangers with parsnip and potato mash, a healthy helping of Sauerkraut, an onion and Madeira drizzle and a golden Tarte Tatin afterwards. Not bad for a Friday.

A Green and Pleasant Land: Lamb on Green Pasture (a small ball of spiced feta cheese on fresh Walnut pesto on a crispy crouton), then seared scallops with pickled radish and Green Pasture Sauce (a Sauce Vierge with added capers and anchovies), the Green Pasture itself (in the form of a small salad). Then Red Mullet fillets, served with a ragout of potatoes, mushrooms and spring onions and Sauce Vierge, and finally a chocolate fondant with fruits from the hedges around the green pasture (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry). Apart from the chocolate fondant being frustratingly overcooked, all went really well and was hugely enjoyable.

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