A Global Issue

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DSC_0458It used to take months, weeks maybe if the winds were good and the Panama Canal was already open, to reach the US west coast. Today, a direct flight between London and San Francisco takes approximately 10 1/2 hours, and seems unbearably long.

Worst, of cause, if the person next to you (or me) is one of those iPad fetishists who need to whip it out every couple of minutes. He marvels at the desktop with the simulated raindrops (drops which would be immediately wiped away, if they were real and on the outside of the glass), then delights in the fact that no new email has arrived 35,000 feet above Greenland. Because there is nothing else to do, he pinches out and zooms in, in and out of nothingness (such as the system settings) and delights in a prolonged series of slide right, zoom in, pinch out, flip-over and slide-elsewhere finger gestures. Then he stashes it away for a few minutes, before the whole spiel repeats itself.

I know a lady how types on her iPad with such a joy that you think she gets an orgasm with every key activated.

These are two individuals, but serve for a much larger crowd of people who simply lost their minds over these devices.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my tablet, and I know Apple’s are really nicely done, too. That should be the end of it. Behaviour often displayed by many iPad enthusiasts, for example in waiting areas or aeroplanes, is nothing short of indicative of a global mental health problem though.


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