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DSC_0722As much as I hate to admit it, I have to admit defeat: for years, I used to digitally sign my email messages using an SSL certificate. I chose S/MIME because I felt it’s integration is superior to PGP, and I chose to sign digitally because I feel this is the right thing to do.

Few people sign their emails with a digital signature, but if everyone did, we had a fraction of today’s issues with unwanted emails of all kinds. Receivers could be confident that a correctly signed email actually comes from me, rather than from an imposter. Just like we sign a normal letter or even a greeting card, we should sign our electronic mail and documents.

Nowadays, however, I send and receive email messages from mobile devices as well as from more than one PC, using webmail tools and dedicated email tools alike. I notice with regret that only a small fraction of my email tools support digital signatures (let alone integrated encryption). Since only a portion of my messages are signed, I might as well stop signing all together.

It’s a real shame that we always seem to settle for the least common denominator.

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