Don’t Use the Force, Luke!

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DSC_0754I am happy to announce an update to the Amalgamation Project, adding basic direct printing support.

I struggled for a while with printing, and discovered that many others on the world wide web struggle with the same issue. Site after site asks the same question, screams the same outrage: How does one make Adobe Flex print in landscape mode? How do I force the FlexPrintJob class to a certain behaviour or effect? How do I get control over this process?

Funny, that. The simple answer is that you don’t.

The user choses the print preferences and page orientation, and the printer hardware may dictate a particular format or further restrictions. You, and I, and the Flex software, aren’t supposed to enforce any particulars. We are supposed to deal with it.

In terms of software architecture, this is an interesting and welcome shift of policy. Once I realized that this is what happens, the printing solution falls out just so.

One never stops learning, and one shall never stop re-thinking things once learnt.


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