A Lifestyle Choice

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DSC_0035As the nights and days get colder, I am thinking about my Guinea Pigs. Well, I am always thinking about my Guinea Pigs, but the cold makes me think about their welfare more than normal.

They have a sheltered spot in the garden. They have a shed and other hiding places. They have space to run, rocks to climb, places to be alone, places to hide and places to huddle up. They have no rain and little draft, no predators, no famine, no drought. Basically, they have nothing to worry about. But then, of course, they haven’t got their freedom. They aren’t free to roam the Andes and, probably worst of all, they aren’t free to mate. They need to get along with each other, can’t call a friend or escape to the pub for a few hours.

Which life would you prefer?

A life in the open wilderness, with all the mating and roaming you want, and all the dangers that come with the environment, or a life in a house with a garden attached, several times as big as the house, with absolutely nothing to worry about, and gourmet food and drink delivered to your doorstep every day.


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