Indicator for Greatness

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DSC_1174I lost count of how many times I watched Apollo 13 or the Space Cowboys. When the audio system fails, I can provide words, sound effects and music to the Local Hero or The Commitments without fail, and quotes from When Harry Met Sally make frequent appearances in our daily routine.

I watched many other movies only once. Most, because they weren’t that great, but some were viewed only once because they are so great. I often think I should really watch one of these again, but somehow never quite get the nerve together:

Roberto Benigni’s brilliant Life is Beautiful.

Clint Eastwood’s heart breaking Million Dollar Baby.

Even Danny DeVito’s War of the Roses left a permanent mark.

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2 thoughts on “Indicator for Greatness

  1. Hast du schon Cloud Atlas geguckt? Gehört für mich zu den diesjährigen Top Ten. Zumindest musste ich lange darüber rumgrübeln und will ihn nochmal gucken.

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