This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSC_1285This week, I’ve been mostly eating the same as last week; a little but here and there, some experiments, some left-overs, some nice successes:

Ginger and lemon infused salmon, drizzled with hot sesame oil and cracked pepper, served with Basmati rice and a stir-fry of home grown coloured chard and Portobello mushrooms.

More fresh soft pretzels, served with butter and fresh cheese. T’is lovely and very close to the truth. I am very curious to find out whether the correct lye makes all the difference, as soon as I can source pure NaOH.

A white fish soup with a multitude of morsels: seared sea bream and red mullet fillet strips, steamed sweet clams and seared razor clams, leak pillars, stir-fried artichoke, wild mushrooms. My favourite dish of the week by a mile and a half.
(It’s shown in the picture, but our plates aren’t big enough for this dish, so it looks crammed, confused and overloaded in the picture. It looked a lot better in real life, and it tasted just like it should, plus some.)

Home made graved lax with a seared scallop, a poached duck egg yolk and radish sprouts salad for a starter. A ballotine of rabbit, rabbit fricassee and almond-flavoured rabbit nuggets, served with pillars of leak and a potato and wild mushroom ragout for a main course. Caramelized oranges and an orange soufflé for desert.

One lives.

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