This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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DSC_1736This week, I’ve been mostly eating nothing cooked or elaborate, on grounds of being out on several occasions, and on grounds of being rather busy with a persistent PC problem. Let me focus on some of the highlights thus:

A goats cheese and roasted asparagus savoury Clafoutis. This is quite lovely and a lot quicker than even a quiche (as you don’t even need to make the base), but I admit that this one, while tasting lovely, was as heavy as a brick.

We had invited to a neighbourhood lunch, with plenty of children and several Germans on Sunday. I made pizza and lasagne for the kids, and German Herring Salad and steamed potatoes for the grown-ups, and bread, and green Frisee salad, and a German cheesecake for afters.

Salt and pepper squid starter with a poached egg. Fresh home-made egg fettuccine with a creamy white wine sauce, roasted courgettes, and seared salmon fillets. Peach Melba mini-cheesecakes.

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