The Universe And Everything Else

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universeDo you understand string theory? M-theory? The consequences of the discovery of the Higgs boson? Or just the Higgs boson? Parallel universes?


Me neither.

Oh, here’s one thing I do understand, and yet another one which I don’t:

I understand part of this is to do with where the Big Bang came from, and what was before absolutely everything went Boom. I’m sure I am being very, very, ignorant here, but I can’t help thinking that everything oscillates. The tides come and go, and so does the new moon, Christmas and knitted hats. Ice ages run in cycles, and even the fashion of the 1970s is coming back! With this sound proof in mind, I cannot understand why all else shouldn’t oscillate as well.

universe-contextThe nucleus explodes, the universe grows, then collapses into nothingness of infinite density, at which point it explodes, expands, … It seems so obvious. At the very least someone could explain why this thought it nonsense rather than indulging in fascination with weird and complex theories.

So far, I have found only one fault in my theory: it is the fact that science claims the universe is still expanding while we clearly seem to be on the declining branch, at least as far as I can tell for this planet.

Maybe the universe is a little bigger than this planet after all. I’ll think about it and make a little drawing when I figured it out.

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One thought on “The Universe And Everything Else

  1. I think you’re right and I also think that you cannot compare the decline of our planet or human mankind with the permanent (in very long terms) expanding and exploding of our universe.

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