The Perks of Being a Lonesome Rider

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DSC_1597I don’t particularly enjoy travelling alone, but when I do, I enjoy my sharpened sense for my surroundings.

In the restaurant, I may not have noticed the father-and-daughter awkwardness on the next table, if I had been in good company and conversation myself. The daughter, unsure how to cope with her fathers (presumed) bi-weekly attentions, and the father clearly unfamiliar with making conversation to a girl in the prime of her puberty. Agony for them, and entertainment for me.

My trips up and down the Los Gatos Creek Trail are my highlight though.  There’s a good amount of wildlife and birdlife which I may have noticed while in good company, but hiking alone allows me to focus more than usually on everybody else around me. Those which overtake me and those overtaken by myself. Those who can’t lift there feet off the ground, those who barely move and those who fly past with athletic elegance. Those dressed lightly, those dressed to warmly, and those armed with a whole specially designed belt of water bottles, MP3 players, navigational equipment and emergency rescue kit. Those who push or carry their children proudly and those who drag their reluctant brood along. Those who make eye contact those avoiding it, those who greet and those who don’t.

Human diversity on a plate. Or, as it happens, on a recreation trail.

The birdlife was lovely too, with several trees in bloom and the brightly orange Californian Poppies just beginning to emerge. I spotted several Hummingbirds, a Kingfisher and what almost looked like a Northern Red Bishop (with a lovely song), and a multitude of well camouflaged smaller birds.

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