A Present For You And Me

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DSC_0325Almost every evening, I make myself a large pot of tea. Lemon Verbana mostly, and sometimes peppermint. I put the kettle on while still preparing the evening meal, and prepare the pot with a good helping of herbal leaf tea. I’m talking real herbal leaf tea of course, not dust in tea bags. Anyway:

After finishing my supper, I pour myself a mug and settle down in the comfy chair. Unless it is in the dishwasher, I always use the same mug, and I always remember and think of the person who gave this particular mug as a gift.

I’ve lost contact with this friend many years ago, but think of her every evening, isn’t that great?


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2 thoughts on “A Present For You And Me

  1. Hi W7
    Splendid to have you on board ‘from across the pond’! Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas is based in Toronto, Canada.

    You seem to have an affinity for drinking tea from a mug – any thoughts about drinking tea from a cup and sauce?


    • Tea is everywhere, and the mug vs cup decision is simply one of the circumstances. I can’t drink a 500ml herbal tea infusion from a bone china cup on saucers. Maybe the Mad Hater can.

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