First Day In The Office

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DSCF0220Yeah. You can tell how the first day in the office is going to work out:

Interview with human resources, sign for access cards and company car. Sign dress code policy, code of conduct, travel expenses policy and the sexual harassment policy.

Move into the new office but have nothing to do, as the laptop and network password won’t be ready before noon.

Peter from next door introduces himself, then Michael and everybody else from the same floor. People refer to the warm welcome email, which you cannot yet receive. It’s quite a blur, you’ll get a headache and can’t remember most names in the end. Maria from facilities finally brings the work uniform, but the shoes are the wrong size. Apparently, there’ll be a second uniform later in the day.

More papers to sign, more faces to greet, and still no password.

Ha ha. I wonder what Francis’ first day really is like. Probably not quite the same as a normal person’s first day.

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  1. Who sent that “Join me in welcoming Francis to the team” email, I wonder?

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