A Right Merry Dance

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DSC_0373Daniel Sibley of Blaby, Leicestershire, went for a spot of fishing at Bluebell Lakes in Northamptonshire a few days ago. Can you imagine his surprise when something actually bit?

Not a car tire, not a shopping trolley or a discarded bicycle, no, a real carp! The exceptionally large carp “took me for a right merry dance,” said Daniel afterwards, after being almost dragged under at times, and struggling to reel the 49kg fish in over two hours. [video]

Carp and catcher would quite possibly have been of similar age.

The carp’s been mighty fine until Daniel came along, didn’t bother anyone. Daniel returned the fish to the water after weighing and posing, but I wonder nevertheless where’s the f*ing sport in that?

Maybe the carp should have dragged Daniel under, close to the point of suffocation, then spat him out again with a laugh?


Some people…


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