Temps Perdu

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DSC_0697I recommend that everyone should undertake a journey aboard a ship. By that, I don’t mean a 3 hour river cruise with a Dixieland band and Chablis for all, and I don’t mean a 3 week cruise of the Caribbean either; no, I recommend a 25 hour crossing from Poole, UK, to Gijon, Spain. Once arrived, you can enjoy a lovely holiday in Spain or Portugal, then take the reverse trip back. It is these two 25 trips I am talking about.

There’s nothing to worry about, and nothing that needs to be done. You couldn’t do anything even if you wanted to. It’s the perfect opportunity to read your book without a sense of guilt about the tasks left undone while reading, for taking time for your manicure or pedicure or idle daydreaming.

I read Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale For The Time Being with great pleasure.

While I’m at it, I should also recommend Jonas Jonasson’s The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, which I read between the two sea journeys. This book made me laugh and think of Tom Sharpe a lot.

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