Praise The Nylons

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DSC_0873Someone told me a long time ago that the inventor of pipe cleaners got rich from it. I don’t know if that’s true, but I surely know that the inventor of the standard nylon cable tie deserves a fair amount of wealth and our deep gratitude for this versatile invention.

The police use them, church choirs and theatres use them, kidnappers, car repair men and persons enjoying a kinky lifestyle might use them. They can hold things in place, bundle things together, mark a location.

They can fix a rattling mudguard on your bike, secure portions of a temporary performance stage, tie a criminal’s hands, and they do a pretty good job at tying off cables.

Duck tape and WD40 usually tops the list of the most essential repair things on the planet. I think it is time for these two to officially move aside and make room for the nylon cable tie.

[Edit: As much as I am in praise of the nylon cable tie, one did snap in last night’s concert, and very nearly caused a bad accident. Just goes to show that assumptions made by the crew about the use of certain guard rails may not match the actual forces in use during the concert. Glad nobody was injured.]