Public Service Logic

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DSC_0692Here’s a question which bothers us as often as once a day. Like, for example, when we read news of Sodexo Justice Services, a private company running a good portion of the UK’s privatised probation service, announcing 30% job cuts (at least 700 posts).

How on earth would anyone in his or her full mental capacity examine a public service such as the probation service, and conclude that a profit-oriented private business can provide that service at lower cost and higher quality than a not-for-profit government organization?

I have no doubt that government organizations, much like large companies, suffer from inefficiencies, incompetence and similar maladies. Surely, these need addressing, as much as the mental health of those who make those ludicrous privatization decisions.

One thought on “Public Service Logic

  1. The other thing that really bothered me about these news is that apparently the probation service introduces ‘self service stations’ – so I guess this means that people under probation still need to go somewhere and confirm that they have not left the country, however, in my naive imagination on how probation should work, I also think that it is important that there is some human element in this – e.g. that a probation officer would be able to see if a probationer needs more help or could at least be asked for help? And will the probation machine be like the self service checkout in the supermarket where you still need people to help you with operating the machine? I would happily pay more tax to keep the human element in these services, as I think it is very short sighted to make these cuts when we are also informed that the prison population is constantly rising…

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