Piece of Resistance

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In my last report from under the covers at Charing Cross hospitals, I can reveal the final piece of resistance.

I am in fact writing this article after my discharge from the hospital and safe return home for the time being, but that’s already the point. The fact that I managed to get discharged and that the joint forces of the NHS managed to set me free is astonishing, if you consider the time line.

12:45 Doctor decides I can go home
16:15 The pharmacy is now preparing my medication
16:30 First portions of paperwork arrive at my bed
17:15 I am free to go

I am free to go within only 4 1/2 hours. 4 1/2 hours for printing a two page form, collecting a few signatures and dispensing a small collection of standard medication. A clear and fine win for the bureaucrats, methinks.