Friday Night is Bretzel Night

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DSC_0071Friday night is Bretzel night, and I already look forward to tonight’s meal of freshly made Steak Tartare (beef Tartare), fresh hot Bretzels and a crisp cucumber salad.

Followed by Crème Brulee and a glass of Bubbly.

This, my friends, is happiness.

OK, we do not have Bretzels and Tartare every Friday, but tonight, we do. Is it time yet?

I’m talking about real German Bretzeln, soft and savoury and fresh from the oven. Very moorish. Click here for the Bretzel recipe.

The perfect accomplishment to Steak Tartare, or to cheese, or just a knob of butter, or simply nothing.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night is Bretzel Night

  1. That sounds amazing. Steak tartare mmmmm
    I’m happy you can eat decent food again after your recent hospital food trauma!

    • Thanks Jane. Food quality was never a problem (except while within the hospital) so long as I eat it luke warm, not hot. Tonight’s meal will meet the requirements just fine, and we’ll relax the restrictions with a glass of Ye Olde Bubbly, too. Lots of reason to look forward to tonight.

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