Commuter’s Commute

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DSC_0989My daily commute to work takes 30 seconds or 12 steps, but today, I joined the rat race at the peak commute into town for a follow-up visit to the Charing Cross hospitals. I had forgotten about the morning commute and how special it is:

Trains packed but nobody is drunk or rowdy. Three quarter of people show off their latest headset, smart phone or tablet device, while the others shuffle through a newspaper or await their arrival dozing the train journey away. It’s got a lovely sleepy atmosphere, but can’t beat the pre-commute early morning trip into town, when the big city hasn’t quite woken up yet. Back in 1997, when I made this trip around 7 am Monday to Friday, that was my favourite part of the commute by far.

On balance, I prefer my stress-free 30 second commute within my own home.