A Deeply Personal Thing

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20150321_154339It’s a deeply personal thing, and it is the best web site in the world. “What’s that?” I hear you ask: It is your own personal web site, like this very Blog is to me.

The best web site in the world? – Why, yes, it is. For you it’s your site, for me it’s mine. It’s simply because every single little thing on it has a very strong connection to you, and it gets better the longer you pull through and update every once in a while, just like I struggle to do for many years now.

Just consider this.

I post an article about the highlighter fountain pen which I received as a present. Great, I remember that, because it only happened now. But WordPress (the technology I use) adds links to related articles from my own site at the bottom.

Do you remember my earlier pamphlet on the delight of fountain pens, as compared to ballpoint pens or keyboards, back in 2009? I did not.

Do you recall how the ink jet printer broke down unexpectedly in 2008? I did not.

Did you know that an article about fountain pens and highlighter ink, published in 2015, somehow relates to a 2006 tale of World War II, the BBC and the dynamite fishing? I did not, either.

That’s why it is great to blog, or to support any site close to your heart. Seeing that the site now goes back to 2005, and further if you include the mostly lost earlier experiments in various formats, I really wouldn’t want to be without it. I still won’t let you in on my really deeply personal things, and you are entirely welcome to not care at all for my thoughts and ramblings, but I, I care a lot. For the reasons detailed above.


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  1. I agree – this is the best website of all, as it hold parts of our memories!

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