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While W7 indicates the U.K. postal code area where I live (in the West London suburb of Ealing), this site is not about the postal code area. I suppose you will find this site is about more or less anything that gets on my toes or that sparks my interest, with the exclusion of (most) matters related to work.

I am a happily married male, always in my best years. I have a keen interest in common sense, justice and world peace, amateur cooking, mathematics and painting, woodwork, hiking, cycling and casual canoeing, guinea pigs, the opposite sex, amateur theatre and fantasy literature, sculpture and pretty much any are you nuts-style creative project.

Professionally, I focus on programming languages, networking technology and distributed algorithms. Since this blog is a personal fun site, it doesn’t really cover any of these topics, and I try keeping the technology content in the published pages, as well as the technology overhead in running this site, to an absolute minimum.

I hope you will enjoy exploring and following this site. Leave the occasional comment. Comments are to a Blogger what applause is to an actor or bread to people: it nourishes and keeps you going.