Perfect Waste o’ Time

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How to Get a Perfect Waste o’ Time:

Instructions are at the bottom of this page.

How to Play:

Perfect Waste o’ Time resembles a little toy puzzle popular in the 1970: On a 4 x 4 grid filled with 15 tiles and 1 vacant space, you have to arrange the 15 numbered tiles in ascending order, starting with 1 on the top left and ending with the vacant space in the bottom right, tile number 14 to the left of that vacant space.

To play Perfect Waste o’ Time, simply click the tile you wish to move. The game starts with a 3 x 3 grid, but every level increases the grid, thus making each level harder than the previous one.

Game Options:

Use Pictures switches between numbered tiles and a randomly chosen set of picture tiles.

Use 3D Effects switches between flat picture tiles and those with a bevelled 3D effect edge. The 3D effect can slow your game and distract from solving some of the picture puzzles. You get a new puzzle at the current level when switching this option.

Restart lets you restart the game.

The Reveal button (@ button) shows the finished image as long as you press and hold the button. This provides a hint to solving the picture game. The solution is shown behind the picture tiles, so it is not a total give-away.

The Help button (? button) shows a tiny help screen.

The Reshuffle button lets you start the current level anew. In picture puzzle mode, this gives you a new picture.


I’ll keep it short: Perfect Waste o’ Time is provided to you free of charge, for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not distribute the game in any way, but you may link to this download page:

Perfect Waste o’ Time is provided strictly on an “AS IS” basis. If it works, it works. While the author believes the game functions correctly and contains no malicious code, the author accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or harm caused to hardware, software, well-being or any other physical or metaphysical assets.

All rights are reserved. This includes, but is not limited to, the rights for alteration, commercial use or distribution.

How to Get a Perfect Waste o’ Time:


Click this link here to download a Perfect Waste o’ Time. Save the file, then run it. No installation is necessary. Loading takes some time and you’ll have to tolerate a splash screen which I am forced to show by the maker of the programming language used for this toy – sorry. To uninstall, simply delete the executable.


An online version of the Perfect Waste o’ Time is was right here: You’ll need Windows or OS X, just the right browser, the Revlet Player (get it for free from, and a good portion of luck. I find this doesn’t work as well as one would hope, to express myself mildly. Runrev has now officially discontinued the web deployment option, so you should consider it dead.

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