End of an Era

BT tower So, it’s the end of an era, he says. Realistically speaking, its the end of a not quite 11 year employment.

If you live in the U.K., you can’t have missed the huge fanfare with which TV and radio presenter Jonathan Ross said Good Bye with his last Friday night chat show on BBC television, and his last Saturday morning BBC Radio 2 show.

Many  came to wish him well and express their sadness to see him leaving.

I wish him well, too. Of course I do, but am I sad to see him leaving? Not really.

I acknowledge that he has gotten better over the years, but he is not half as original and not half as funny as he appears to think of himself, and when not quite sure what to say or do, his humour gets dirty and under the belt. How funny.

It would be very sad news indeed, if nobody can be found who fits his broadcasting slots just as well, and hopefully even better.

So, all the best to you, Jonathan. All the best to the –hopefully young- talent who steps into his shoes.

P.S. It’s Hildegard Knef, not Hildegard Knecht.


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Slightly Unsuitable

nudism Lily Allen, the caller sais, is slightly unsuitable for his young daughters. The caller rung the Radcliffe and Maconie Show on BBC Radio 2 (18-Feb-2010), so he was of course agreed and his call turned into another couple of minutes of inane babble.

These guys play all the right music, but really shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

Anyway. Slightly unsuitable. Right. A little bit pregnant.

A little bit stupid. Yes, that’d work.

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