The Web Revolution

A Keyboard Have you noticed how the world wide web has revolutionised us?

Of course, there are the well-known and much acclaimed revolutionary aspects of the web. Google and blogs and the multi-medial information overload come to mind, the motivation for "broadband in every home" government programs, and advise how to cope.

I am fascinated by the way the web made us change the ways we write and read text. Did you notice that the text above is full of hyperlinks? Did you notice that you were expected to read two words at most, then to find a "hmmm…. I really should click here to get all this important extra information" hyperlink, follow, get side-tracked and unable to complete reading the initial statement?

It’s all very fascinating and, without doubt, delivers a lot of useful information, and fun, among all the rubbish, but I find it interesting to note just how far reaching the impact really is.

Maybe this is the single truly essential hyperlink in the online world today. Old but still good.