Expert Advise

DSCF0200Britain, the Guardian tells me this morning, will also offer [Burma] support for better and stronger governance by training officials on sound public financial management, on the rule of law and strengthening parliamentary democracy, involving a parliamentary exchange programme.

Yeah right.

I think we could do with expert advise on sound public financial management and the strengthening of parliamentary democracy right here at home before touring the world and beating our chest like Tarzan.


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Saving Fish…

Time for another book, since I have read two lovely ones during our holiday. So, today I shall mostly be recommending…

Amy Tan‘s Saving Fish From Drowning.

A reviewer on Amazon describes it as a great comic drama, and I guess this sums it up nicely. A group of middle-class people from San Francisco travel through China and Burma, but not everything goes as smooth as planned: It all starts with Bibi, the organiser and tour guide, dying. When the group heads off with a replacement guide, things start going pear-shaped due to their own ignorant doing, and due to other circumstances.

A brilliant tale, comic and dramatic and something for the heart. Very lovingly and insightfully written, as all of Amy Tan’s books are. Highly, highly recommended!