Happy Easter

DSC_0319A celebration requires a toast, so here’s an old favourite:

Here’s to a long life and a happy one,
A quick death and an easy one,
A good girl and a honest one,
A cold pint and another one!

Oh, this one is also nice. Concise:

Here’s to staying positive and testing negative!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Happy Easter

Docklands March 2010 078 It’s the Easter Weekend, and I have lots of plans for it: Be a stone mason. Be a carpenter. Be a gardener. Be a rambler. Be a cook, and a host. Be a husband and be myself. And, as ever, be a better person.

So. There you have it.

Have a lovely and relaxing and happy Easter, whatever your faith.


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Flowers Inspired by a gardening friend and the fine weather over Easter, and after years of cannot-be-bothered, I am pleased to report that I turned myself into a gardener once again.

I dug and turned over a patch of soil in our back garden, dug-in a few buckets of home-made compost, and sew one row of carrots, rocket salad, onions, hollyhock (german: Malve), and two rows of green french dwarf beans. This post’s title refers to the three-character labels that I wrote on a little bamboo stick each, marking each row and helping with identification later on.

All that is needed now is continued fine weather, regular water, and the absence of slugs and other critters that ate all our attempts in previous years. Wish me luck.

Good News at Long Last

Roadsign: Drive Slowly
After 3 weeks, a dozen of phone calls including two calls with raised voice, a garage and an insurance giving me contradicting information and the left apparently not knowing what the right was doing, I am pleased to report that my car made it back just in time for the Easter weekend.

It’s ironic, of course: with the exception of a short trip on Easter Sunday, the car will now be parked roadside for the next 12 days at least, for I am once again on my way to California.

I am enjoying the doubtful pleasures of a Virgin Atlantic long-haul flight as you read this, and will later on cruise Schwarzenegger’s realm in a rental car, and at the ludicrous expense of $1.20 per gallon.

So, anyway. My car is ready and awaits the next drunken driver.

Easter Holidays

W7 is taking a little Easter break over, well… the Easter weekend.

Back to former glory, and with all traces of chocolate eggs wiped off face and fingers, on Tuesday.

Happy Easter, Everyone.