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DSC_0344Not from choice but for a lack of viable options, we flew to Croatia with Easyjet, and marveled at the numerous chargeable options. In-person check-in? Hold baggage? Priority check-in?

We think there’s no end to expansions to this scheme.

Priority disembarkment?
Experienced pilot option?
A fee to have your baggage returned to you?

The BBC’s funny Come Fly With Me comedy program already showed a superb parody of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, where he explains the life saving kit, and demonstrates its easy-to-use credit card reader and touch screen to the purchase of additional options. Life vest? Air top-up option? Whistle?

It seems that reality has beaten us. On our return flight from Dubrovnik, the cabin crew announced that Easyjet will soon be introducing an exciting new feature: allocated seating. While they didn’t give away details, I am sure seats in rows closer to the exits will be more expensive than those further away. A premium will be chargeable for window seating. Seat allocation at the time of booking will be at a premium for sure.

I do normally applaud creative business ideas, but the aggressive manners of the so-called low-cost carriers make me wince and avoid them whenever I can.

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Innovative Annoyance

easyjet Did you ever see or hear Michael O’Leary, the man behind Ryanair, on radio or television (or even in real life)?

He might be a sweetheart, deep somewhere in his hidden inner self, but towards the media, he certainly portraits himself as the most obnoxious foul mouth in the British business world, going on more aggressively than anyone else about his business, his ideas, and of course about his competitors.

While I despise the unpleasant attitude of Michael O’Leary as well as that of his airline, whose staff largely seem to adopt a similar mannerism, I had to laugh about this advert.

Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the Easy-Jet guy depicted here as Pinocchio, won’t find that funny (he doesn’t). Should be interesting to watch, and will give Michael a few more prime-time TV appearances where he will point-blank refuse to apologize, but promote his airline, of course.

In a way, the man’s a genius. Too bad he’s such an obnoxious one.


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