Homo Bratwurstensis

DSC_0053I never thought I needed an Irishman to explain what is now blindingly obvious to me. But I can answer the last question he left open, so I think of this as helping each other out:

Dara O’Briain’s Science Club reminded us on the fact that Homo Sapiens did not descent from Homo Neanderthalensis. They form two different branches of the evolutionary tree, and both descent from Homo Heidelbergensis. Well, there you have it. Homo Heidelbergensis lived practically in our home region of the Pfalz (especially considering the fact that Heidelberg University, after which Homo Heidelbergensis is named, is closely linked with Neustadt). It is very obvious to me, now, that modern man descents from the Pfalz. Africa was just a little trip down south.

No wonder everybody likes a Bratwurst.

Dara also explained that there was some interbreeding between Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthalensis for a while, but he wasn’t sure which one of the two species was the more sexually aggressive or submissive one. Dara you fool! It was the males on either side of the evolutionary fork shagging the females, you can put a bet on that. Evolution hasn’t come that far enough in half a million years for such basic behaviour to change.


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Evolution On Steroids

DSC_0458With modern technology a major part of every day life, we all got used to thinks unknown not too long ago. Starting with the use of computers, the web, 24 digital TV channels covering the Olympics and a three-button mouse over general lingo and typical artwork.

We came used to think of a left-pointing arrow not as a symbol for Go Left, but Go Back, and learnt that an arrow pointing to the right implies Go Forth. A circular arrow means “try again, reload,” a triangle pointing to the right means Play. A cross doesn’t indicate a forbidden route, but a tool to stop things. A little house means Home, and we even learned the meaning of home in computing (and by computing, we mean web browsing). We even learned the difference between one’s home page and a web page’s home.

Some of these newly acquired abilities are somewhat logical choices, but how is it that we came use to think of a stylised magnifying glass as a symbol for Search, not Zoom in, Magnify?

I wonder what  today’s children think when they find a real magnifying glass.


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Evolutionary Mix

dollIf memory serves me right, we were told that genetics work on the basis of dominant and recessive genes. How is it possible, I wonder, that genetics operate on dominant and recessive genes, but skin colour blends?

The family ahead of me in the queue consist of a dark chocolate coloured lady, her white man, and a milk-coffee coloured daughter.



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Evolution and I

hopper I fear I may have lost out in evolution through a loss that goes all the way back to the fruit flies. Some male fruit flies carry powerful pheromones on their tails, which makes them irresistible to their female counterparts.

But then, the commentator tells me in the superb BBC South Pacific production, one wrong move [by the male], and she is off for good.

Evolution all the same all around, and my world order is restored.


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