20120512_142628Ah, wonderful. This weekend, and hopefully not only for this weekend, spring has returned after several week’s absence. It’s still a little chilly, but the sun is out and the sky, while not cloudless, definitely shows a good amount of blue.

Recently laid sugar peas (the French “mange tout” variety) are raising tiny heads, and green beans should be coming through the soil one of these days. I sew lots of Swiss chard. I planted some pre-grown chard, planted salads, celery and beetroots. The cherry tree is netted against pigeons, starlings and other birds. The bananas are trimmed, the spring flower bulbs are taken out and stored away.

The tomatoes are coming out of the greenhouse soon, and our herbs are in full production already (minus the rosemary, which appears to struggle).

All we need now is a decent remainder of spring and a glorious summer.


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The Best Season

DSCF8672It’s got to be my favourite time of the year. The tulips are in full swing, the cherry and pear trees are in bloom (the nectarines are already done). The bananas are unwrapped from their winter packaging and grow at the most astonishing rate, the greenhouse is stocked with seedlings. There’s life everywhere!

Even the cat’s got a spring in his old legs, and has been seen to move at speed at least twice recently.

(Picture shows plums in bloom in the Osaka. Also nice.)


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OldHarry After a bit of Champagne last Saturday, we worked out the perfect garden design – an important task we will be facing once the building work is done: we’ll have a beach garden!

All we need is to remove top soil two or three feet deep, build in drainage with a bed of gravel, and put a few tons of fine coral sand on top. Then we’ll paint the back wall with a few waves and a nice blue sky, install a few deck chairs, buckets and spades.

Someone suggested donkey rides, an ice cream van and a roller-coaster, but frankly, I think this would be going too far.

I am in love with that idea. I really am.

Too bad that it would cost an arm and a leg, and the novelty would wear off over two or three years, when it would cost the other arm and leg to have normality restored. Don’t panic, we aren’t going to do it. The temptation is huge, though.


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