cockpit More tales from America: The engines are running. We’re 36,000 feet up and cruising against 70 mph headwinds towards Greenland.

Dingdong, it goes. “Would passengers… Mr So-and-so and… (another pause and some paper ruffling…) .. and Mr Something-or-rather please let themselves know to a member of the cabin crew? Mr So-and-so and Mr Something -or-rather; if you are on this plane, please make yourself known to one of my colleagues.


Why do they always make announcements that sound like they don’t know who’s on this plane and who isn’t?


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Snail Mail

sledge In need of sending a packet to the US, I had a look at the services available through Royal Mail, their cost and features in terms of delivery time, tracking, etc.

Funny that they still quote Surface Mail to the US, with delivery times from 56 days:

This service is ideal for sending personal correspondence, business letters and documents, when economy is more important than speed. We aim to deliver within two weeks in Western Europe, four in Eastern Europe, and eight outside Europe.

Two weeks within Western Europe? Are they walking my letters to Paris?
Eight weeks to the US, possible traveling via Greenland and Canada on dogsled?

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