Last-minute Shopping

endive We made some last minute shopping back home, just a quick trip into town and to the local farmers’ market on the Saturday morning to buy two large heads of curly Endive. Interesting to read-up on Endive in my new copy of the great Larousse Gastronomique (Thanks to Santa!), which explains the relation between Endive, Frisee and Chicorée, and explains that what is Endive to some (Britain, Italy, Germany) is Chicorée (or Chicory) to some others (France, USA). There’s also Radicchio from the same family, and Red Chicorée (whose strength is chiefly in being decorative rather than tasty).

No wonder there is confusion in all this. This is no excuse for not growing or for not selling curly Endive, as depicted here (whatever you might prefer to call it) on my local market in W7.  No excuse at all.

I saw seeds on sale in the local garden centre some while back. Once our building work is done and our garden has been restored to a new and better place, I’ll have to start another battle against the slugs when trying to grow my own.

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What to Do With Pheasants

I mentioned it before but must mention it again: The Silver Spoon is essential literature for anyone serious about cooking, for it contains excellent advise and no fashionable frills. Just my kind of book; a huge source of inspiration.

In addition to the recipes, I enjoy looking at the drawings that show the different cuts between England and Italy. My favourite must be the pork’s hint quarters, showing 3 English parts (chump, leg and hock), where the Italian cut simply says ham.

The book is also decorated with numerous helpful little drawings and diagrams, my favourite is shown here: What to do with a pheasant.