Where Will Madness End?

orangutan You’d have thought your everyday’s madness had come to a climax when people like me started publishing a blog and some-such. And it is true: it’s mad.

However…. late starter that I am, I have only recently started exploring Podcasts. The primary motivation is just to get hold of an American radio program about car repair (of all things!), which is in close competition with the UK’s Top Gear television program in terms of humorist value.

The most insane Podcast found so far must by Aaron and Marla’s irrelevant chatter from their living room, available on www.paperbagradio.com. Give it a try if you ever wanted to listen to something that has no value whatsoever, yet is strangely intriguing. Goes well with house work and car driving.

A real marvel, however, is found on the Smithsonian Institute’s site: You can download the entire 24 one-hour programs from the Smithsonian Folkways Collection for free, which tells the story of the prolific collector and record publisher Moses Ash, whose Folkways Records cover most of the 20th century of American Folk Music. Most episodes are single chapters and may be heard out of order, and all that we tried so far were both entertaining and amusing.