In Defiance

Defiance (Detail, lowres)I went through a small number of experiments with paintings of a very depressed mood. All but one ended up unfinished and abandoned, but they might have helped me out of a painter’s block (chiefly caused by focussing on too many other things, so it’s more painter’s neglect than block), and a somewhat depressed spirit. (The surviving one is still work in progress, by the way.)

Here’s one that I started, enjoyed, and completed during last week. You might find it depressing to see a foul weather scene being painted during some of the finest days the 2009 summer had to offer, but honestly, a clear blue sky doesn’t offer much excitement, in painting terms.

Click here, or the tiny detail shown here, to see the complete picture. I should add that my camera struggles to resolve the subtle nuances in colour and tone of an oil painting, and often struggles to focus well. You should come around and take a look at the real thing.

In Defiance.
Oil on canvas, 24×36″ (60x90cm).
August 2009


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Down By The Lake

Down By The Lake (Detail) Here’s one for those narrow, tall, spaces:

Down By The Lake

Oil on bamboo floorboard,
920×90 mm
March 2009

Nothing special in any way, but I kind-of like it anyways. Click here for the real picture, or stop by for a cup and a look at the real thing.

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A Job Complete: The Swan Quadryptichon

leo (detail) Allow me to introduce Leo. Leo completes the Swan Quadryptichon:

Swan Lake, Lost and Found, Gunter, and now Leo. It’s always nice to complete a painting, but to complete a project of four paintings has an extra level of satisfaction coming along with it.


Oil on canvas, 12×50″
March 2009

Click here, or click the thumbnail, to reveal the complete painting.

You can see the complete Swan Quadryptichon here, all four of them side-by-side, and in chronological order left to right.

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With Two Geese and a Turtle

With Two Geese and a Turtle (detail) Allow me to introduce the latest exhibit: With Two Geese and a Turtle.

I’ll leave it to you to work it out. The solution can be found on the wall of every second home, or so it would seem. Mystery solved or not, I hope you like it.


With Two Geese and a Turtle
Oil on canvas, 16×20″
March 2009

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polly (Detail)Allow me to introduce my little blackbird: Polly.

Nothing much to say about this quickly done simple oil painting, using a pretty good but terribly sticky acrylic medium: Daler-Rowney Alkyd Flow Medium, diluted with 25% of purified linseed oil.

If you are experimenting with oil paint, I surely recommend this medium. Among the acrylic media, this is far superior compared to Liquin or Galkyd.

Oil on canvas, 10×12″
February 2009

As always, click here, or the thumbnail, for the complete picture. The real thing is on permanent exhibition somewhere in W7.

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Somewhere in Devon

Devon Detail Here’s a new one. I call it Somewhere in Devon.

You can click the little detail shown here, or click this link, to reveal the full painting. Mind you, you may have to scroll a little. It’s kind-of long, owing my choice of ground. It’s not often you get to see an oil painting on a Bamboo floorboard, is it?

Somewhere in Devon.

Oil on Bamboo floorboard,
3.5 x 36″

I hope you like it.

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The Highlands

The recent trip to the Highlands did not only churn out several blog entries, but also an oil painting:

Oil on canvas, 36×24",
August 2006

Hope you like it. Click here, or the thumbnail, to reveal the full picture.

About the Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar

This is one of the few times I post a sketch to a future oil painting, but I thought this one would give you a chuckle and a good start into the week:

I sat at home late this Saturday night and doodled around with pens and graphite. Eventually I started sketching the Cookie jar from the shelf above the telly, and I arrived at this.

So, now you know what’s next up on my easel, as soon as the current one is finished.


MarieI am pleased to report completion of Marie, just in time before my departure to California, where I arrived with almost 2 hours delay because some luggage had gone AWOL in the depths of Heathrow airport. Well, I guess it’s better to wait a little for the luggage prior to departure rather than wait a lot after arrival.

Anyway. I hope you like Marie, which is painted after a drawing that I made during my Life Drawing class in August. The painting is named after the model, not my friend by the same name. The two have never met.

I am reasonably happy with the painting. It’s not 100% where I wanted it to be, but for the first big nude (600x1200mm)… Well, as firsts go, I have done worse.
Some of the details in the figure aren’t how I wanted them to be, and the right foot is unfortunately beyond the point of a broken ankle. Also, the fact that she lies on a cover floating 3 inches above ground isn’t very clear. Hmm. Next time maybe.